Alaska Airlines may keep leased Airbus fleet – Leeham News and Analysis

But leasing sources talking to Airfinance Journal say the approach was not “well received”.

“They may keep those aircraft to scheduled redelivery dates,” says one lessor.

Another lessor confirms plans are off the table.

He comments: “They may have realised the difficulty in finding feedstock, but also the costs associated with the rents and return conditions on their existing Airbus fleet. This could prove a very expensive exercise.”

The leasing source adds that 737NG are easier to remarket than A320s at the moment because of cargo appetite for the former.

Alaska Air told Airfinance Journal: “As we resize our fleet to reflect the reduced demand environment, we will prioritise efficiency to determine which aircraft to operate. It’s too soon to call whether that means single-fleet or dual-fleet for the long run.”

Earlier this week the carrier said it expect to incur impairment charges of between $115 million and $125 million as a result of the accelerated retirement of 10 A320s[1].

In the summer, another leasing source told Airfinance Journal that while the approach made sense, finding the aircraft to accommodate it was difficult.

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